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20-24 March 2023

Advanced Course – 2023

Environmental epigenetics and risk assessment: challenges and future perspectives

Offering advanced theoretical and practical training in environmental epigenetics, as well as complementary training in transferable soft skills.

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Mind the registration deadline: 20 February 2023

Registration closed!

22-24 March 2023

Soft transferable skills training – 2023

Grant writing
Career development
Scientific writing and publishing
Science communication

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Mind the registration deadline: 28 February 2023

Registration closed!

30 April 2023

Short course – 2023

Getting started with Environmental Epigenomics in non mammalian models

Offering an introduction to different epigenomic endpoints and associated technologies to measure them, with emphasis in major aquatic model species such as microalgae, microcrustaceans and fish.

Instructors: Jana Asselman, Laia Navarro Martin, Joana Pereira
Mind the registration period: opens February 2023

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