• October 28, 2022

EPIBOOST kick-off meeting

EPIBOOST kick-off meeting

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The Kick-off meeting of EPIBOOST happened on October 25-26 2022 under an hybrid format

After the EPIBOOST official starting date in October 1st 2022, the Consortium met for the kick-off online and in person in the CESAM meetings room at the University of Aveiro. We had two days of intense work, where the proposal was revisited and the work for the first year was planned in detail.

The Agenda of this meeting covered plenary sessions, specific plenary sessions with the required participation of specific UAVR, CSIC and UGent team members, and collaborative work sessions where we fine-tuned team assembly for activities planned for the first project year. Plenary sessions covered presentations, including by the EPIBOOST project Officer at the EU Research Executive Agency, project overview and the dissemination and communication strategy. Specific plenary sessions covered the Consortium Agreement & Grant Agreement, as well as the detailed revisiting of WP1 (preparatory research project), WP2 (hands-on training) and WP6 (project coordination and management). Collaborative work sessions were focused on the assignment of Advisory Board members, the training of young researchers in WP3, the capacitation foreseen in WP4 targeting infrastructure and science management, and on practical aspects linked to the EPIBOOST dissemination and communication.

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