• April 11, 2023

Soft Transferable Skills TRAINING 2023

Soft Transferable Skills TRAINING 2023

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First UAVR Soft Transferable Skills training programme happened in 22-24 March 2023

The first UAVR Soft Transferable Skills Workshop was co-organised by the four Twinning projects coordinated by the Institution, EPIBOOST, SUPRALife, FONDA and EpiViral, on March 22nd, 23rd and 24th 2023. The workshop was open for free to the whole UAVR community and was attendant by hundred of persons through the three days of the programme, both from UAVR and from other national and international institutions. We heard about the best guidelines for grant writing by different actors involved in grant awarding, best practices to boost scientific careers, the relevance of science communication and success triggers/approaches, and efficiency in scientific writing and publishing, from outstanding national and international speakers. For more information on the speakers and sessions line-up please check the archived programme. Hopefully next Editions of the Soft Transferable skills programme will be at least as interesting and successfull as the 2023 Edition. Stay tuned by checking our Calendar or Contact requesting for our announcements!

EPIBOOST pitch in the Programme opening session.
Roundtable with the speakers of the Grant writing Workshop moderated by João Rocha: Amélie Delmon, Nuno Gonçalves, Rui Munhá, Gabriela Dima, Manuel Souto.
Career Development Workshop by Jonathan Yewdell.
Roundtable with the speakers of the Science Communication Workshop: Catarina Moura, Paulo Sérgio Santos, Bárbara Pinho, Adriano Cerqueira and Pedro Pombo.
Scientific Writing & Publishing Workshop with Nesma El-Sayed Ibrahim.
Three out of the four organizing Twinning projects. Missing is FONDA, that started recently and has no promotion material fully ready

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