• April 11, 2023

Twinning management Focus group launched

Twinning management Focus group launched

Twinning management Focus group launched 150 150 Epiboost-admin
The first meeting of the Focus Group promoted by EPIBOOST on Twinning management HAPPENED IN April 5th 2023

In the past April 5th, the Focus Group on the the management of Twinning projects, promoted by EPIBOOST within the scope of WP5, had its kickoff meeting. Sister projects CutCancer, ENGINEER, FEWL, FONDA, GREENLand, HybridNeuro, NanoCAT, REGENEU, SALTOPower, STEPUPIORS, TESTARE, TwinSolar and TwinVECTOR were represented in this meeting, and several other projects will be involved in further meetings and actions of this Focus Group.

Our final aim is to collaboratively produce a guide for supporting best-standard management of Twinning projects, based on our experience in practice. In this kickoff meeting, the results of the first survey distributed to the sister projects for a collection of involvement interest were presented, the structure of the guide was discussed and working groups were formed for a more specific dedication to different sections of the guide. For more information and updates check the EPIBOOST calendar and the dedicated webpage info.

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