• October 25, 2023

EPIBOOST in national event for educators

EPIBOOST in national event for educators

EPIBOOST in national event for educators 150 150 Epiboost-admin
@Santarém, Portugal | with the UAVR-CIDTFF team

One of the EPIBOOST flagged stakeholder groups is the educational community, including teachers and students involved in School education. A great step was taken in the past October 11th towards raising awareness on the project within this community in Portugal through the participation of Maria José Loureiro in the national seminar “Digital Capacitation in Schools: (re)configuring learning spaces” (free translation).
The event was organized by the Portuguese General-Directorate of Education within the context of the programme on digital transition in schools, and counted on the presence and speeches by the Minister of Education and several high-profile governmental representatives linked to School Education. Besides the strict connection to this political, the event was mastered by specialists in digital education through talks, round-table discussions and informal meetings in exhibition booths.
The UAVR TIC Competences Centre (ccTIC) was represented in one of these booths, where Maria José Loureiro showcased EPIBOOST as one representative project, highlighting both the project topic and the digital approach we are following in our dissemination efforts to the Educational Communities. More than 1000 professionals in Education, including teachers and School Directors, were present in the event and visited the exhibition. Many became aware of the project, facilitating future interactions in new educational initiatives launched by the project.

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